Welcome to Star Group

About Us

Providing you with an assortment of services, Star Group is a passionate company in Sri Lanka, dedicated to delivering a superior and sustainable solutions for every area it tackles helping a diverse of client profiles.

About Us

With the sole purpose to offer differentiated client solution that generates value for our clients, at Star Group we offer interior designing and decoration, advertising, transport,hospitality and construction services.

With a humble beginning in 2002, Star Group’s first company was born as an interior design company under the leadership of Mr Thushaka Anuranga Peris the Founder of Star Group. The exceptional quality of its solution along with its unique blend of people, it took no time for Star Group to build a name as an outstanding interior designer and decorator in Sri Lanka which gave us the opportunity to work with industry giants in various sectors including Softlogic group of companies.

Now, Start Group seeks solutions to fill the gaps in different markets constantly growing and vigorously expanding its services tapping new markets, with the intention to deliver a high-quality and standard solution for Sri Lankan market.

If you have any interior design, advertising or a transport need, we invite you to give us a call anytime and see what we have to offer you.